Keshauna Franklin spent over 10 years as a government contractor, working in administration for professional development programs. Throughout her work she seeks to improve the experience of all stakeholders in the pursuit of the team’s mission.    

She has volunteered teaching and mentoring for over 15 years supporting youth and the arts. She began her career in finance working in a nonprofit in the DMV area and found her passion in the balance of finance, creativity, and community impact.  As the Finance Assistant she supports the BI Finance and Operations leadership, ensuring the financial processes created to carry out the mission are executed with the same passion for well-being for our teams internally as we do with our external customers. 

She is honored to be a part of the BI Team and seeks to use her experience to support the organization’s commitment to Justice, Fairness, and Equity. Keshauna loves to dance and spend time with her husband, son, and dog.

Keshauna can be reached at