Roxana Matiella is a member of the Social Justice and Well-being team with the W. Haywood Burns Institute. Roxana brings approximately 25 years of experience working with child welfare, mental health, youth and adult justice systems.  Roxana has dedicated the past ten years working exclusively within social justice reform. Roxana’s diverse experience and knowledge with crucial system partners bring insight and strategies enhancing the mission of the W. Haywood Burns Institute.

Roxana previously worked for the Center for Children’s Law and Policy (CCLP) as the Director of Alternatives to Incarceration. Her primary role was to manage and provide support to team leaders leading the efforts of the Juvenile Detention Alternatives to Incarceration (JDAI) of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Roxana assisted in leading the JDAI work in 17 states and 52 counties with intentionality toward measurable outcomes. Roxana’s other focus at CCLP was to provide racial and ethnic disparity technical assistance and training at the local, state, and national level.  Roxana was a faculty member of the Georgetown University Racial and Ethnic Disparity Certificate Program in Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining CCLP, Roxana worked in Pima County Juvenile Court in Tucson, Arizona as the Juvenile Justice Services Coordinator. Her focus was to support the JDAI work in Pima County and to work closely with Presiding Judge, Court Administrator, and community stakeholders to strategically advance the juvenile justice and child welfare system improvement efforts.  Roxana also served as a commissioner for the Supreme Court of Arizona’s Commission on Minorities in the Judiciary.

Roxana earned a Master of Management in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and is currently completing her dissertation for the program of Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership. Roxana brings a level of passion and commitment to being part of the solution in the pursuit toward eliminating racial and ethnic disparities.