Tracy is an organizer from the Midwest with over 25 years of experience doing grassroots community organizing, statewide policy/advocacy, and national youth justice organizing work.  Tracy helped organize a youth justice movement, working with Southeast Asian and African American teens in her community plagued by over-policing, racial profiling, surveillance, incarceration, and excessive violence from law enforcement. Their collective work later led to the closure of 2 of WI’s last state youth prisons.   

Tracy has been involved in CJNY for over 20 years as a youth member, an advisory council member, a regional manager, and the national director. Her current role is focused on building a national movement to transform what justice and wellbeing looks like for youth/families of color and how to center the leadership of youth who have been most impacted.  She represents +100 community groups across 21 states that are working to end the incarceration of youth of color.